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OracleDriver (Oracle JDBC API Reference)Understanding the Forms of getConnection

Do I need to grant create context to user? OracleResultSetImpl at oracle.

You will need to add the following Oracle packages to your program when you want to access the extended functionality provided by the Oracle drivers. The next method returns false when it reaches the end of the result set.

Can I assume that there is an implicit commit following the executeQuery? If you are writing a connection statement for an applet, you must enter a connect string that is different from the one used in these examples.

This section describes, in the form of a tutorial, where and how to add the information. It means that enough memory will be allocated to read this data. When you close a Statement object that a given Connection object creates, the connection itself remains open. You are my most admired and respected Oracle guru and I understand that you are not java developer.

Closing a result set or statement releases the corresponding cursor in the database. Creating a Statement Object Once you connect to the database and, in the process, create your Connection object, the next step is to create a Statement object. Our code doesn't use the Oracle jdbc extensions, we use the standard jdbc calls only. Sharing connection is just a bad idea. We wrapped timings around the different portions of the code and extracted the time for connection, binding, batching and execution.

When building something to run on a server, I tend towards the thick drivers. Tom once again excellent answer. You must explicitly close the ResultSet and Statement objects after you finish using them. Processing the Result Set Once you execute your query, use the next method of your ResultSet object to iterate through the results. Sometimes, lenovo mobile drivers for windows 7 these results suprise us because they don't meet our expectations.

We were actually testing different things. These differences may be important to your application. My questions are, because we are using pooled connections at each new request for data from the database are we going to have to set the organisation context for every call? The tutorial guides you through creating code to connect to and query a database from the client. We are reviewing our options and may recommend a move to the Oracle jdbc extensions.

Select your driver type thin oci kprb

Tom, We have two Oracle servers prime and stanby. You must close your connection to the database once you finish your work.

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ScrollableResultSet at oracle. Any help would be appreciated. Are we using the wrong driver? The third bullet even seems to imply that the performance should not be worse might even be better. We've learned that subtle differences in the code can make big differences in performance.

The instructions in this section are specific to the client-side drivers only. We've run the application in client-server mode and locally on the Sun. For example, batching doesn't seem to buy much in terms of performance.

Driver interface, as is the case with OracleDriver. The type of the object returned is java. This is espcially usefull for PreparedStatement where a call to setEscapeProcessing false would have no effect. You'll find the thin drivers to be easier to setup less software to install and more portable. You could also run out of cursors in the database.


Use the close method of the Connection class to do this. Expertise through exercise! This applies when I am developing code that will be run on someones desktop. If you want to use Oracle extensions to process the result set, then you must cast the output to OracleResultSet. If you do not explicitly close your ResultSet and Statement objects, serious memory leaks could occur.

You do not have to specify the database name if there is a default connection. This method loops through the result set row by row, detecting the end of the result set when it is reached. The employee names are materialized as Java Strings. On Searching and Synonyms.

Alternatively, you can use the forName method of the java. Dear Tom, The response is awesome.

To query the database, use the executeQuery method of your Statement object. It is a matter of opinion. ScrollableResultSet at abc. It is not valid for Microsoft Java virtual machines.

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