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Her sister Maria Carstairs Spiers reportedly returned to Ayr to help steer the firm through the war years. We do sell quite a few Norris and Spiers planes, but it must be borne in mind that these planes are far too scarce to maintain a constant stock of good planes at a reasonable price. The added bonus to this is that everyone else who wants to know about Norris Planes can also benefit from what i've done here. Badger planes were usually only marked on the iron, so when the iron is used up, the mark is gone. It is not marked but it reminds me of the Robert Sorby irons that were used in the Norris marked planes of the post-war period.

This irons looks like it is post-war and is probably made from really good steel. This is a really nice honest example at what I think is a moderate price. The dovetailed body has no pitting and is very nice.

Spiers Plane

This plane is in nice well cared for condition and would rate much higher if it had more nickel. The spot on the top just has that orange peel texture that a wire wheel leaves. When I got it, the hole for the strike button had been plugged with filler and dark spray had been used to obscure the primitive work. The metalwork of the plane is very clean and untouched. There is one check in the top of the fill, which is the result of using a piece with so much figure.

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  • The plane has been polished overall.
  • This is a common flaw, in just this place, but I don't know why.

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However, if I have used some of your images and you're not happy about it, please let me know via my contact form and I'll sort it out. If you are a single London professional, then you'll know how hard it is to meet the. The iron is in nice condition with a nice light patina.

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  1. It will make a great user at a really bargain price.
  2. Spiers gunmetal shoulder planes are very scarce by any measure.
  3. Cleaned overall so that the metal has no patina.
  4. If you drop the plane, it is likely that it would break off, with the way that the grain runs and how hight it sits.
  5. The plane is great it has a full original iron numbered to the plane.
  6. There is an old crack in the casting that runs from the front hole to the top of the plane.
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The rosewood wedge is still in nice condition and still seats properly so that the side profile of the plane is maintained. There is staining and old dried tape residue on the upper cutting surface. It would steill last a lifetime or two at the rate that most of us amateurs use planes.

The discolation near the edge of a lot of my irons is tape residue from dried out masking tape. Why so many pictures you ask? The rear casting is cracked from being hit with a hammer to adjust the plane.

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That is the only evidence of any recent activity. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cupid's bow bridge Norris planes of any model are as scarce as hen's teeth. They even made a mitre plane version that had an adjustable mouth, the only British mitre plane with this feature that I am aware of.

It has a fine mouth consistent with the kind of fine work that you would need a tiny plane like this for. The unpolished lever cap is engraved with the original owner's name with some of the nicest engraving that I have ever seen on a tool. Buy, tara is the uk, and mairead still lives.

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Scottish and english metal planes manufactured by. The mouth is very tight, pool pump and filter as you would want. There is slight deformation on the right side from being tapped which is why I gave it the minus. My reputation as a restorer would be harmed if secrets were told. He was a giant in the field of antique tool collecting and his presence will be surely missed.

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They are round topped and by James Cam. It is untouched with a great patina overall. The iron is full original length. Headband available in monthspostage discounts available if you order more than one headband. Wherever possible I've tried to put upwards of or so images for each handplane because this helps to identify many aspects of the planes from a wider selection of examples.

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Later in the century bull-nose rebates planes were developed by Spiers, and shoulder, chariot and thumb planes were also added to the range. This plane has most of the bright lacquer left on the hold down screw and a very pleasant light patina overall. The sole is good and it still has a nice tight mouth. The rosewood has no damage and most of its original finish.

Stewart Spiers

Still, it is a usable plane, and clearly the owner was trying to keep it going. The gunmetal parts retain all of their original lacquer, making them bright like gold. The wedge on this plane has a cupid's bow at the bottom and is somewhat more rounded than the one that I have, making me think that this is an earlier plane.

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The box is tatty and would be a good candidate for restoration. The lever cap retains much of the original lacquer. The tote has a glued crack in the front part, that is not the tote itself, boston asian but the closed part that goes in front of the hand.

Of course if you allow me to use them but want to remain anonymous then I completely understand that as well. These early Mathieson infill planes are still a bit of a mystery to collectors. When perusing the planes in this section, dating sites it must be remembered that the very nature of these planes meant that production would be relatively small. This plane is a gem that I highly recommend. Some idiot has touched a wire wheel to part of this plane.

The mark on the iron is interesting, in that I have never noticed this mark before. The dovetailed variety typically sell for much more, but the cast type, like this one, are in my experience even more scarce. The bad news on this plane is that there is rust staining and some very light pitting on the sole. Strangely, the maker's mark has been defaced.

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However having said that, if you haven't already got a copy of that book then I strongly recommend you buy one when you can. It looks to me like it was made by one of the obscure midth Century London makers like Badger or Lyons. It also has the original early Norris marked blade.

Slater, London A very rare Benjamin Slater shoulder plane. This one is so special that I made an exception. Despite its flaws, this is a good usable plane and the earliest Holland plane that I can recall seeing. The upper part that was not protected by a cap iron is pitted, the working end is very clean.

It is a very nice honest example with near full original numbered irons. Item is used, but in a good condition. It has never been cleaned and has a nice patains with some original lacquer remaining on the bridge. The surface has a very fine pitting overall but the plane has been nicely cleaned and it really doesn't detract. Our client is looking for an Account Manager to join their ranks and help further their is a fantastic opportunity to work as an Account Manager in a hugely popular industry.

There is light mushrooming to the top edge. It has the heavy chamfering that was used on Norris and similar planes. The maker's mark was struck a bit unevenly and is faint on the top.

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