Dating Silverface Fender Amps

Dating a silverface bassman, help dating silverface bassman

Third tube is the Normal channel preamp. The tube charts are not very useful for determining the circuit model. Increase the feedback loop resistance value. The best estimate is that about of these were made before the circuit was revised.

In addition to A, it appears the stamping machine stuck on serial number A as four distinct amps with this number has been reported. No negative feedback at all. Here is a list of the first letter showing the year of manufacture. The more current that is flowing, initial online dating the higher cathode voltage.

BF/SF Bassman

How to date vintage fender amps

The progress of this type of work is slow, hence the long hiatus, however, a lot of new data have been collected regarding Fender amplifiers, including production numbers. Reissue amps also use stamped Date Codes. Well, find something you both have in common, set up an activity based on that. Advances have been made with regards to the production of tolex amps and it appears that much of this information can be applied to late s tweed amps as well.

We recommend a closed or semiclosed speaker cabinet for this setting. This is the tremolo vibrato oscillator and driver. If there's chemistry, there'll be another date.

The picture below shows a transition model amp. There is less attack and a more sweet and forgiving tone. Many earlier Fender tube amps used rectifier tubes. They are visible looking into the cab from the back.

How to Date a Fender Bassman Amplifier

As a result, there are a lot of amps out there that may look original, but are not. If three digits are present, the first digit would refer to the year i. In terms of tone this means that the clean headroom is reduced and most importantly, you get more compression and sag at both clean and cranked volume levels. Replacing speakers is the easiest and most effective mod of them all. Seems like you were pretty close Wally!

How can I find out how old my amplifier is Fender

Help Dating Silverface Bassman

How can I find out how old my amplifier is

Fender phase inverters in later amps used a very crude circuit which also provided some voltage gain. The First letter equates to the Year and the Second letter to the Month. Second tube is the driver and tremolo modulator. If it's a one-digit number you need to determine the correct decade of the amp some other way. As far as the grill goes, lutheran dating free no screws are visible looking at it head on.

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Depending on the cap value treble frequencies will be fed back to the phase inverter which cancels out the treble in the main path. We understand that some technicians recommend Ei or Preferred Series for this duty. These letters are the production date code for the amplifier.

Help Dating Silverface Bassman

But other changes may be meant to deceive. All Fender amplifiers, manufactured after include a date code on the amplifier. Here is another caveat about reading these tables. Unfortunately, there is some sad news to report as well. Personally we prefer cathode bias in big, powerful amps with big transformers where you have more than enough power and attack.

If three digits are present, the first digit refers to the year i. There will be amps with serial numbers that lie outside of the listed ranges. Solid-state rectifiers do not wear out as tubes do, nor can they be replaced by the user. If you really want to know the differences, we recommend you consult past issues of Vacuum Tube Valley magazine.

Dating Silverface Fender Amps

His passing is a great loss to this research team and the Fender amp aficionado community in general. Third tube is the bass channel driver. And now for an important update! Third tube is the reverb driver. The Code on the tube chart of your Fender Amp is made up of two letters.

The steps are explained below. Since Fender used speakers from all the above companies. Finally we point out location of components in the physical layout diagram.

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BF/SF Bassman

This tube need not be low-noise or nonmicrophonic. The machine that stamped the serial number into the back of the chassis got stuck on number A and a lot of pieces were stamped with this number. Good luck reading some of the hand written ones. You might damage the amplifier and the tubes. Second tube is vibrato channel preamp, is specified.

In addition, the dating-by-serial number tables have been revised and are more accurate. They are the folks who are responsible for the dating charts whereby we can identify production years by the serial number. Hre to learn everything you might need to know about dating vintage Fenders. The bad news is that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on the silverface amps.

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How to date vintage fender amps - Vintage & Rare Blog

Dating Your Fender Amp

Third tube is the vibrato oscillator. Left it at a friends house cause he had a cab and I didn't. If the heater shorts to a cathode in this tube, the amp will not work properly. These modifications are making this research more difficult for a couple of reasons.

How to Date a Fender Bassman Amplifier

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How to Date a Fender Bassman Amplifier
  1. You can simply let the bias pot circuitry stay where it is in case you want to roll back the changes or make it switchable between fixed and cathode bias.
  2. The codes will date the amp and establish originality of components at the same time.
  3. You can also use the reverb footswitch phono plug if you, like most players, never switch off the reverb with the footswitch.
  4. For better or worse, this concept is common to this endeavor.

Vibrosonic Reverb silverface. For some reason, folks are willing to poke their head into tweed, blonde, brown and blackface amps, but not into silverface amps. If you are really interested in blackfacing or modding your Bassman, you should read the next chapter first. Not too many people know more about the Bassman than Clarke.

If you use Eb or open D tuning, your Bassman will growl like a bear. Third tube is the driver and reverb recovery amplifier. This is the phase inverter and vibrato tube. Remember, dating sites like your amp is newer than the newest component. Simply disconnect the feedback loop a wire and tape insulate it.

This model uses solid-state rectifiers rather than tube rectifiers. Can yall help me identify it? If four digits are present, the first two digits refer to the year i.

  • Very practical mod at practice and low volume environments.
  • You may increase volume further for cranking the amp harder.
  • No, create an account now.
  • The second thing that was done was the addition of another number stamped into the chassis as a suffix to the A serial number, e.

Greg kept his illness very private, even from this author. The last two digits would refer to the week of the year i. Finally, these tables are only a guide. Vibrolux and Vibrolux Reverb. We usually start with explaining a mod from a functional perspective where we relate to components in the logical schematics diagram.

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